Monday, January 6, 2014

Fashion growth of 2013

Another year come and gone and I am so thankful for the amazing opportunities that have been put into my path. In the past year, I have been blessed to immerse myself in fashion, and grow in love with family and friends. Thank you to all my loved ones for giving me the encouragement to go after my dreams.

Prom 2013

 Prom 2013:  Making my Prom dress this year was one of the greatest experiences that I have ever had. It was so amazing to see where my imagination took me in creating this dress. Inspired by the Gatsby Vogue, this dress was a mermaid cut with pearl and rhinestone beading. It was cost effective too! It was just over $100.

Costume Crew 2013
Costume Crew 2013: I was so blessed to be Costume Crew Chief at Arapahoe High School. We became like a family. We come together to redecorate the dressing rooms and clothe the cast. We learned so much from each other and I was so happy to gain the quick stage experience which has been extremely useful in the fashion industry.

Vogue Dress 2013
Vogue Dress 2013:  My favorite art project of the year was the Vogue dress. I sewed paper bags together and then sewed Vogue magazine to the bags. It was extremely delicate but surprisingly wearable.... Not that I ever did. However, I did get an A in design.

I graduated from Arapahoe High School and went on to study Fashion Design in the beautiful town of Newberg in Oregon at George Fox University.

IFC 2013

George Fox University Intercollegiate Fashion Club 2013:   The IFC is a medium used to unite a community of George Fox University Students through the expression of fashion, and a love for Christ. “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come” (Proverbs 31:25).  This is the maxim that the club is founded upon. The purpose of this club is to join in fellowship with others who have a desire to grow a relationship with Christ and have a passion for fashion.

David Topaz, Portland FASHIONXT 2013

Michelle Lesniak, Portland FASHIONXT, 2013

Michelle Lesniak's line, Portland FASHIONXT 2013

Selfie with Michael Costello, Portland FASHIONXT, 2013
 Fashion Week 2013: The GFU Fashion and Society class had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at FASHIONXT Portland. We were assigned to work with specific designers such as David Tupaz, and Project Runway winners Michelle Lesniak and Michael Costello. Every designer that I worked with had amazing clothing. To the glamor of David's line, to the edge in Michael's line, and the unique Gothic textiles in Michelle's line, I saw what it takes to be a fashion designer. I was completely inspired by the individuality that was portrayed in every clothing item created. I was also so thankful to have worked in theater because I felt prepared for the quick changes. I am so thankful for the opportunity to watch the masters at work.   

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