Monday, January 13, 2014

Neoclassical Bohemians: Unlocking the Hipster Look

I am back to college at George Fox University in the heart of Newberg, Oregon. The fashion trends here are different from everywhere I've ever been-in a good way. The humble sophistication and emphasis not only on what is outside of the body, but also what is on the inside is what is popular. This look is the look of the Neoclassical Bohemian, in other words, " The Hipster Look." The Hipster Look has been a trend that encompasses a way of life, not just a way to dress. This look has taken the nation by storm. The seemingly effortless look portrays a cool intelligence.

Classic hipster look- maroon scarf, evergreen coat and creme sweater 
This eclectic gathering of patterns and nostalgic reintroduction of clothing items has not only created a look, but also a personality type. A hipster values the individuality of themselves. They strive to be unique and obtain knowledge. They are always looking for trends that haven't begun yet. They are the classic innovators. They are the trend setters that everyone envies.

Casey Berkey in a Maxi Skirt with Peasant Blouse and Classic Sandals. Sarah Harrison Photography 
Maple Combat Boots, Evergreen Tank Top, Creme Sweater, Lace Socks, Black and Creme Patterned Leggings
I'm privileged to be studying fashion in a place where those around me are constantly looking for new trends. I cannot wait to see what spring 2014 brings. I foresee a large amount of floral patterns and emphasis on bright colors. The hipster look is not only about looking forward but its also about looking back- printed T-shirts with old bands and logos fit the nostalgic feel and big jewelry will give the look a modern twist. 

Brooke Jones (Me) in a Blonde- T with assorted Pearls. Shari Kimmey Photography

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