Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Starry Night Mills

Yesterday, our George Fox University textiles class was privileged to go to an alpaca farm to observe that process of spinning wool into yarn. Owner Blair Timmerman, walked us through the process from its most elementary stage, the Alpaca. Timmerman and his wife began raising alpacas in the early 90’s because his wife wanted to produce her own yarn to spin.

 “Alpacas were developed by the Incas.” Timmerman informed us as he went into depth about the rich history of the alpacas. Alpacas have been used for centuries because of the rich fibers that can be spun into yarns. “There are 22 natural colors of alpacas, the rarest is rose grey.”  said Timmerman as he showed us his alpacas.” We went on to learn that there are two kinds of alpacas Huacaya and Suri. Huacaya is an alpaca that grows soft spongy fiber, has natural crimp, thus making a naturally elastic yarn well-suited for knitting. Suri has far less crimp and thus is a better fit for woven goods.  “Both have similar microns, but Suri lies flat and is more similar to silk.”  Timmerman went on, as he led us into the mill.
 Inside the mill he explained to us the process of spinning the fibers into yarn. First the fibers are washed.
“After the fibers are dried, they are brought to a picker.”  Timmerman displayed. He showed us how the picker breaks open fibers so that the carder can straighten everything else. The next step is carding. The carder produces roving.
We watched as the machine took clumps of fibers and turned them into roving. “From there”, Timmerman continued, “a draw frame takes multiple strands of roving and creates one even rove.” Timmerman hooked up multiple strands of roving to the draw frame.  

 The end result was extraordinary even rove of fibers. Timmerman took the rove to the spinner. Fiber enters the spinner and is then stretched out. “The more draft, the smaller the yarn.” Timmerman explained. He also went on to explain some of the problems in the industry. “There is not consistency in the industry with how the yarn is measured. I use warps per inch, but there are several different ways that yarn can be measured.” The next step is to ply the yarn. There can be single, double, even up to forty or fifty ply yarn depended on the kind of machine and what is needed. 

“Commercial manufacturers don’t care about the crimp so they spin very thin and put multiple plys together to create a uniform look.” From here the yarn is then wound, washed, and dried.  

I learned so much from the visit to the mill. I am glad to have had the opportunity to visit Blair Timmerman’s mill it was so educational and inspiring. Please enjoy this short Clip of Blair spinning. It was so amazing to get to the heart of how clothing is made.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Liebster Award

 I am so honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award. Thank you Elena!  It means the world and I am so excited to get my name out there as a blogger.  Here are my answers..
  1.  What is your personal style?
    - My personal style is "Sassy and Sophisticated." I am a nostalgic person and an old soul. I love old style elegance and I hope to incorporate a little bit of that feel into my everyday attire whilst keeping it modern and trendy.

  2. What are your hobbies?
    Broncos Preseason open practice 2012

    - Blogging, Fashion, and photography are my every other thought. If I could eat sleep and breathe it, I would. I also love to read classic literature namely, Fitzgerald, Whitman, and Hemingway. Running, yoga, and swimming keep me going. I'm a crazy sports fanatic. (Broncos fan- in the good times and bad).  

  3.  You can't leave home without _________?
    Arapahoe Warrior Head #WarriorStrong
    In Memory of Eleanor and Howard Collins #lostbutnotforgotten
     - I am a very forgetful person, so there are two things that I can honestly say that I never leave the house without- two good luck charms. I have an antique key necklace that reminds me of my grandparents. I never take it off . I also have a Warrior Head pinky ring that reminds me every day of the unity of my Arapahoe High School family back home. #warriorstrong
  4. What is your favorite color of clothing?
    Purple Jessica McClintock dress with nylon ankle-length drape

    - Purple. I believe that purple makes a statement. Purple portrays a strong and intelligent individual and does not wash out or overpower. 
  5. Do you spend more on clothes or makeup?

    - Clothes. Clothes are my first loyalty and I am absolutely obsessed; however, this does not mean that I do not I spend a fair share of my paycheck on makeup. 

  6. Where is the most beautiful place you've been to/want to go to?
    Little Gaspirilla, Florida

    - My dream  is to travel to the great fashion cities and most beautiful places in Europe. Paris, Milan, Madrid, Florence, London, Rome... the possibilities are endless. So far the most beautiful place that I've ever been to is Little Gaspirilla, Florida. It is remote with white sand beaches and seems to be one of the best kept secrets of the area -not ruined with tourists yet.

    7. Who is/are your celebrity crush/es?
    Josh Hutcherson  is my celebrity crush. My poor roommate has to put up with his poster on our door. I've been a fan-girl since the Zathura days.
8. Do you prefer BB cream, CC cream, foundation, or no makeup?

- I love foundation, but not heavy. Bare-minerals powder foundation evens out your skin with out making it greasy or unnatural looking.  
9.  What is your dream job?

- Fashion is my obsession. I know that Photography, sewing, sketching, are my inspirations but I also have a love for writing and predicting. In a perfect world, I would love to write for Vogue, design my own line, or be a fashion forecaster. Right now, I am just seeing what God has in store for me. 

10. Can you share with us 1 beauty secret? 
                -To quote Audrey Hepburn, "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest." The secret to true beauty is allowing what is inside to shine through. 

I am so honored to be nominated for this award. I nominate 




Alana Rose: 


Now girls, here are your questions....
1. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?
2.  What made you decide to start blogging?
3. What is your favorite magazine? 
4. What is your dream job? 
5. Who are your literary inspirations?
6. How would you describe your personal style? 
7. Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Why? 
8. What is your favorite quote? 
9. Coffee or Tea? 
10. What is your life goal/ if you could picture where you are going to be in ten years what would you say? 

Answer my questions and share 10 bloggers who have 200 followers or less who you feel have excellent blogs. I cant wait for your responses. :) xoxo ~ B