Monday, March 3, 2014

Fade to Light

This Wednesday I was fortunate to have the amazing opportunity to volunteer as a dresser backstage at the Fade to Light Multidimensional Fashion Event produced by Elizabeth Mollo. This show aimed to encompass a feeling, as well as a look portrayed by every designer featured.  
Upon arriving at the show, I realized that it would be very out of the box. This was first portrayed through the venue. The venue, The Crystal Ballroom was elegant and intimate. It was beautiful but it didn’t overpower the collections being shown. 

Backstage I found myself assigned to three different designers. 

The first to be shown was Garnish by Erica Lurie. Garnish is a boutique located in Portland. Erica Lurie’s designs were sophisticated and unique with multiple layers and high standing collars. I am so happy that I was able to work with the Garnish team. Garnish handmade designs push boundaries, make statements, and explore creativity. Garnish will definitely be a store that I visit in the near future. 

The next designer that I had the pleasure of working with was Hannah Louise Poston.
 Poema, her luxury handmade tango line, has completely taken off in the Portland tango frenzy atmosphere. Completely self-taught, Poston began Poema after making her own Tango clothes. “Tango takes over your life; mind, body, and spirit.” She told me as we began discussing the inspiration for her collection. Everything in her collection was completely one of a kind with a subtle elegance that caught ones eye.

 It was awe-inspiring with a sleek silhouette that comfortably moved as the model moved. The more Poston spoke of her line the more inspired I became to try Tango, if only to wear her beautiful clothes. You can find Poema on Etsy by clicking here.
After intermission I worked with SKPDX by Stephanie Hutton . Stephanie is a part of the Fashion Forward program through Portland Sewing.
This nine month program is a crash course in the world of fashion design leading up to the display of a collection at the end of the program. Stephanie’s collection featured bold colors with emphasis on the shoulders and multiple layers that were taken off on stage.

 It was amazing to see all that she had learned through Portland Sewing. “Portland Sewing prepares you for the real world.” She told me just before intermission. She also spoke of a show called, Fashion Forward that Portland Sewing will be putting on April 12th and encouraged me to get involved as a dresser there. Fingers crossed that I will be selected to be a dresser there but regardless I will be going to the show. You can buy tickets by clicking here. 

This show was so incredible to be a part of. I am so thankful for all that I am learning and observing. For now, I am just taking it all in.


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    1. Thank you TerraRose! I hope all is well :)

  2. What a great show. Love your description of the Tango line, especially. Both the Tango and Garnish pics are great. Thanks. So great to see you diving in... just as expected girlie!